Solar Power Products 

Solar Power Products
Including Heating Your Home With Solar Panels and Solar Energy Used For Cooking

Looking to upgrade your home with solar power products?

solar powe products   solar powe products

- Solar Power Products -

Looking to try out new solar power products? Thermal Barrier Fabric and Radiant Heating Products keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer

ClearDome Solar thermal barrier fabric solar power products and panels & Radiant heating fabric and panels

Keeping your home more comfortable without excessive costs is now possible with the recent introduction of four new passive low-cost solar power produ
cts, radiant thermal products available from ClearDome Solar Systems. One of the benefits of these solar power products is that it reflects and radiates most heat energy back into a room thus preventing it from escaping out the windows, reducing heating bills.

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solar energy used for cooking

- Solar Energy Used For Cooking -
With solar energy used for cooking you can cook family size meals in only 35-50 minutes! The Solar Reflex 900 has solar energy used for cooking that will reach well over 900 degrees. With solar energy used for cooking two solar baked potatoes only take 45 minutes on a sunny day. You can solar energy used for cooking by moving the pot closer or farther away on the metal base.
If you are looking to use advanced solar energy used for cooking, take advantage of our low prices. Solar energy used for cooking is the way of the future. Click on the links below to see a full description of solar energy used for cooking.

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solar power products for backpacking   

- Solar Power Products For Backpacking -

Want solar power products for backpacking? Solar power products for backpacking are perfect to cook hot meals while you are camping. Give our solar power products a try, and you will find the great results that come from the new technology of solar power products for backpacking!

With a low price of $19.95

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Radiate Research low voltage foil Heated Carpet system is ideal for the smaller area living spaces.  This advanced floor heating system is a 100% safe low voltage system which lies beneath the carpet in a non-skid pouch.  A low voltage DC current supplied via a transformer powers the heating panels. Simple to install and can be used beside your bed, in the bathroom or kitchen or in front of your favorite chair. It is especially nice for ceramic floors which can be quite cold.

Our focus on service and satisfaction keeps us always looking for the best products for you, the customer. Our innovative and economical Heated Carpets are the first in the industry! Our unique Solar Products are all UV resistant and the first of their type anywhere! Our economical, environmentally & user friendly Heated Carpets can provide both comfort and beauty in your home. Our Solar Thermal Products can help keep your whole home warmer or cooler for only the cost of the product .

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