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Heated Rugs

Heated Rugs
Including Heated Floor Mats

Want to try out our new heated rugs?

Heated floor mats and heated rugs are very simple to install. All you need to do is plug in your heated rugs and they will be instantly functional. These heated rugs are also maintenance free and can be removed and washed!

heated rugs

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Want to try some of these heated rugs? These heated floor mats are perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, or any room in the house. These advanced heated rugs are 100% safe low voltage system which lies beneath the carpet in a non-skid pouch. With these heated floor mats, a transformer supplies low voltage DC current.

These heated rugs are also especially nice for ceramic floors which can be quite cold or damp areas like bathrooms and basement bedrooms. We invite you to try out one of these heated rugs, and you will see the results for yourself. Also, take advantage of the low prices that we are currently offering for our heated floor mats.

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Our new foil Heated Carpet system is ideal for the smaller area living spaces.  This advanced floor heating system is a 100% safe system which lies beneath the carpet.  Simple to install, just plug it in, and it can be used beside your bed, in the bathroom or kitchen or in front of your favorite chair. It is especially nice for ceramic floors which can be quite cold.

Our focus on service and satisfaction keeps us always looking for the best products for you, the customer. Our innovative and economical Heated Carpets are the first in the industry! Our unique Solar Products are all UV resistant and the first of their type anywhere! Our economical, environmentally & user friendly Heated Carpets can provide both comfort and beauty in your home. Our Solar Thermal Products can help keep your whole home warmer or cooler for only the cost of the product .

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