heated doormat
Winter is here again!
Keep walkways and stair treads free of ice and snow
without lifting a shovel!!

Make cold floors toasty warm with electric in-floor heating systems.

"Happiness is a warm rug!"
Judith L.         Davenport, Iowa
Heating Foil
Environ II heated carpet foils can be placed under wall to wall carpet or high quality laminate flooring as a secondary heat source.
Temp Zone is especially nice for ceramic floors which can be quite cold.
Under Desk Heated Mat is a new product and is great under a desk or table where the floor is cold.
These Heated Carpets by Warmly Yours™ are the

This Environ II Heated Carpet system is ideal for all living spaces. 
This advanced floor heating system is a 100% safe system which lies between the underlay and carpet or under laminate floors.
The Environ II system can be either 120v or 240v.  Temp Zone is especially nice for ceramic or slate floors which can be quite cold.

What would you say to
We all get Sunshine and it's FREE!!
Our CD Solar Thermal Products are the
first of their kind ANYWHERE
Harness the power of the sun for many unique applications!
Keep Your Home or Office Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer.
Heating and Cooling costs for your home or office can be significantly reduced. With our low-cost passive Thermal Barrier Drapes and Interior Solar Heating Drapes and panels the only cost is for the fabric. Once you have it,  using it is FREE!! You can even cook with sunshine!
Lightweight metallized fabric is durable and safe to use indoors and outdoors all year. The high cost to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer can become  much more affordable with our low-cost radiant thermal products now available. These unique solar products are all UV resistant and the FIRST OF THEIR TYPE ANYWHERE.

Cool Tarp on Roof
Try Our New COOL TARP !
Keep any sunlit area 90% cooler.
Our focus on service and satisfaction keeps us always looking for the best products for you, the customer. Our new innovative Environ II Heated Carpets and Temp Zone Warm Tiles are the practical solution to all of your cold floor areas. Our economical, environmentally & user friendly Heated Carpets and TempZone heated tiles can provide both comfort and beauty in your home.
Our Solar Thermal Products can help keep your whole home warmer or cooler for only the cost of the product. Our unique Solar Products are all UV resistant and the first of their type anywhere!

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